Just Mobile Slide™

The portable playground for iPad

Just Mobile Slide™ is the take-anywhere, do-anything iPad stand. Designed by the award-winning team at tools ®, the innovative Slide™ is crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminum – but its secret weapon is the high-friction rubber cylinder stowed in its tubular support.

Simply place the cylinder at the top of the Slide™, lay your iPad on top and lift it to exactly the angle you require. The cylinder will roll down to hold your iPad firmly in place in both portrait or landscape mode, providing solid support for typing, swiping and gaming - at any angle.

Also compatible with iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.


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  • Iconic design
  • Wide range of viewing angles
  • Solid support for gaming and typing
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Works in portrait and landscape mode
  • Best of Show 2011 by iLounge.com
  • red dot design award - best of the best 2011
  • Compatible with all iPads

Design Object No.: ST-828

  • 12,4 x 8,5 x 3,3 cm
  • 225 g
  • 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.3 inch
  • 7.9 oz
  • Slide™
  • carrying pouch

Q: Is Slide™ compatible with iPad 4/iPad mini?
Yes, Slide™ is compatible with all current models of iPad.

Q: Can I adjust the viewing angle?
A: Yes the Slide™ provides you adjustable viewing angle.

Q: Can I use it for typing?
A: Yes it provides an ergonomic typing level.

Q: Will it scratch my desk?
A: No, it has rubber feet (non-slip rubber pad) to prevent scratching.

Q: Will it scratch my iPad?
A: No, it has rubber pad to prevent scratching.

Q: Would the stand hold my iPad with an air jacket (plastic back cover)?
A: Yes, our Slide supports your iPad in a hard case. Shall you have any question please let us know.

Q: Can I purchase the pouch for the Slide™, since I’ve lost mine.
A: Yes, you may purchase it directly from us. The price of the pouch is USD$8 plus shipping fee of USD$10 by EMS or USD$18 by DHL. If you decide to order, then we'll send you payment request via PayPal and arrange the shipment promptly. Or, to save some cost, you may check and order other Just Mobile products online directly with us, then we can add it to your shipment and ship it together with your ordered items.

  • Tablet:
    iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2